Top 10 Games

At the end of every year they start the top of the year, of course we are about to turn over 2010 so it’s also of the decade. One so far caught my attention. Top 10 Games of the decade. I knew just from the name that I’d see a few things I own. For those who don’t know I love games. I blame this on my parents playing everything with us when we grew up from poker to Atari.

So before I opened the list I started mine.

WoW (World of Warcraft) which is one of my addictions

Guitar Hero Yeah I do that one too, music and games right up my alley.

Wii…Pick one I said fitness. I own it, just need to use it.

Halo Very fun after a few drinks, especially if you haven’t had a drink in years.

So I named four…then looked at the list. I own all but Half-Life, hadn’t even heard of it, hubby says he owns some of the old, old ones. Most of them I own more than one version of. Halo we have two or three. Same with the Sims. Have both Wii Sports and Fitness. Like three of the Guitar Heros. And due to having a kid, Mario Galaxy. How many GTA’s are there anyway…don’t answer that I probably have them all. Bejeweled is the only one that I only play the free ones online.

The only thing in my opinion that’s missing is poker, but again that’s online so the list has to do. Anything you see missing?


WoW it’s Halloween

Voodoo queens, witch doctors, and creepy old men all – to the cartoon styling of WoW (World of the Warcraft) which I miss playing. After I made the list for today, I went searching for the music to go with it and couldn’t resist when I found two in a row that were WoW.

Wolly Swamp

Maria Laveau…I’m close enough to┬áLouisiana┬áto not piss off the voodoo spirits.

I Put a Spell on You

Witch Doctor