Here Today – Sales Tomorrow

The presents are open and the wrapping paper is strung through the room. Lunch has been devoured, nap time will be soon. Tinsel is drooping across the branches where flung. The cats been hiding for hours since the little one opened the noisy gun. Two toys are broken. The amount of money spent is a sin. Three-hundred and sixty-five days until it happens again. A week ’til the tree is gone but we all know, the sales start tomorrow…GO GO GO!


Twenty-Five Days of Christmas – Cheap! Cheap! Cheap!

That’s not the turtle doves or the partridge singing – I thought I’d offer up a few cheap or free ideas for this Christmas.

Write something.

No this isn’t just the writer in me talking. Give a loved one a special note of thanks and caring. A poem if you can pull it off…please watch the limericks, if you use the word Nantucket the thought might be lost on the receiver.

Make it.

I’m pretty crafty. Not that everyone is. My husband has also been waiting for a few years for a coat I promised him but that doesn’t mean sooner or later it won’t happen.  If wood’s more your thing, try carving an ornament or making a shelf.

Decorative Wine Box etsy!

If the receiver of your gift is crafty that makes it much easier. Hit the craft store or online and have fun. There isn’t anything that a do-it-yourselfer won’t like.

This too shall pass.


Make it funny. This way you can laugh for years about the year you gave each other Hostess treats for Christmas. Or the year your lover dressed with nothing but a bow(alright that’s good anytime).


There have been years where I’d take the necessities of life and be very happy with them. My mother replaced my exhaust one year and I was tickled pink. Lotion that was more expensive than I wanted to spend was a great gift one year too.

Just something nice

Paint her toe nails. It can actually be fun. Help him shave, if he’ll let you. A good hair scrub…yes it’s even a little sexy. Clean the litter box for the other. Dishes anyone.

Just a few ideas to help out and I’m sure there are many others.