Favorite Excerpt (Badeaux Knights)

Kale stepped up and took a light swing at her, she dropped the sword as it vibrated. Nick pulled his arms off hers, ran his hands through his hair, and looked at sky as she picked back up the sword and tightened her grip.


Kale met her eyes and, finding them determined, glanced at his brother, who couldn’t look. He swung. Again, she dropped it.

She picked it up and took her stance. She didn’t flinch as Nick wrapped his arms around hers with his hands gliding down on top of hers. He whispered softly. “You are too afraid that Kale is going to hurt you.”

Whispering back, as her heart hammered, “Maybe a little.”

“He won’t. You know that deep down. Just hold tight.” He looked at his brother and nodded.

Kale took a swing and hit the blade. The vibrations coursed through her body but she smiled when the sword didn’t fall to the ground. Even more determined she said, “Again.”

Nick nodded. Kale swung and she grimaced as it rocketed through her body. “Now loosen your elbows and shoulders. Only your fingers should be that tight to keep a hold of it.”

Sonja found it hard to loosen up with Nick wrapped around her. She took a deep breath, “Again.”

This time the hit didn’t vibrate as bad as she smiled at Kale. He swung again. Nick began moving her wrist so she could meet the swings. That made the sword vibrate even less, though a quake was starting in the center of her stomach. Nick was touching her. His hands moved smoothly over her arms. The pushing, to make her body do what he wanted, was gentle. He slowly moved his hand up her arms, giving her more and more control as Kale took each swing.

As they moved back and forth over it, Sonja understood why this part of the backyard wouldn’t grow grass.

When Nick ran out of arm he put his hands on her hips, so if anything went wrong he could move her from Kale’s sword. It might have only been a practice sword but it was still sharp and heavy enough to hurt. They danced in this way for an hour as she improved with each swing.


Favorite excerpt-Mortals, Gods, and a Muse

I thought today I’d share one of my favorite parts of MGM. Hope you enjoy.

I had to keep my mind busy somehow. Tread water. Pray. Breath.

That’s how I did it the first time. The second time, I didn’t spend long in the water and I was fighting and screaming. This time I was going to rant.

“Send me across the world to find a dead man just to send my backside back to the ocean. When I find land, I’m going to eat, sleep, and come after you. I’m going to find as much C-4 as I can a bottle of wine and blow up that place that you call home. I’m going to toss that box in the bottom of the ocean…better yet I’m going to rent a sub, go to the Adriatic fault and drop you in the abyss.”

I kept swimming.

“I’m going to burn every book that has your name in it and make sure you are never heard from again. That goes as much for you Eros as it does for her. The family line is already dead, thanks to your antics. If the world never hears your names again there will be no harm in that.”

I was becoming more energized and focused as I moved. The ocean disappeared and rage was taking over. It felt good.

“I’m going back to Hades, cross that damn river and bring him home. By the time I’m done with this little swim, that river will be nothing. I’m going to take this damn vest with me and…”

My rant was over. I screamed when something grabbed the life jacket.