Twenty-Five Days of Christmas-Hostess

I’m not talking cupcakes, Twinkies and other fatting little treats. I’m talking about those wonderful people who open their homes to others through the year and especially the holidays. These special people who deserve something special from you.



Wine! $10-$100

Candles $2-$50

House Plants $5-$50

Book-Cookbooks $5-$40

Gourmet Coffees and Teas $5-$50

Angelina's Tea Shoppe



Think Pink

Last October I took advantage of my name with minimum effect to support a local charity. And yes here I go again.

As everyone in America knows it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. How could you not with all the pink ribbons everywhere? And I do mean everywhere. There’s twenty products in each isle in the store with those ribbons and special pink packaging. If you truly want to help though red the fine print as pointed out here.

There are hundreds of charities that deal with breast cancer that would love your donation. Including my friend JoAn. She runs Pink Heart Funds, a non-for-profit org that actually works.

While most charities you have to wonder how much of a donation goes to help the people–yeah some are horrible–I know that all of it goes to the people in JoAn’s. She begs, pleads, and almost steals for advertising to keep those cents in the fund for actual wigs and prosthetics.

Hair donations are welcome as well as money since it costs around $400 (last time I checked) for a wig to be made. I spent several months helping her create Short Cuts that all profits go to the fund–which is her second cookbook .

So put on your pink pins and if you see someone running around with long hair send them to JoAn’s site.