Here Today – Sales Tomorrow

The presents are open and the wrapping paper is strung through the room. Lunch has been devoured, nap time will be soon. Tinsel is drooping across the branches where flung. The cats been hiding for hours since the little one opened the noisy gun. Two toys are broken. The amount of money spent is a sin. Three-hundred and sixty-five days until it happens again. A week ’til the tree is gone but we all know, the sales start tomorrow…GO GO GO!


Twenty-Five Days of Christmas – 12 Days of Christmas

I don’t know about you but I don’t want any of that. Alright I’d take the five golden rings, my luck they’d be fake and turn green. I wouldn’t mind…
My good child more than the one that gets in trouble
A husband that cleans after himself
Yes I’m dreaming.

So my list, minus a private island…

I would love to make dinner in these. I have a great Sheppard’s Pie recipe

I’m not a huge coffee drinker by my 10 year old tea maker is no longer working nor are my non-travel mug!


How about a nice simple new bed? Queen size please! With no bed bugs, thank you!

I new computer or laptop, mines starting to make funny noises!

Think I’ll stop on that note. lol

Twenty-Five Days of Christmas – It Could Always be Worse

While God can make a burning bush, fire and Christmas trees are just bad!

Animals+ christmas tree= really bad

Reuters: Fireman

Remember to turn on the oven. Food can’t cook without that important step!

Food poisoning isn’t a good idea, no matter how much you hate your family. 

Not enough gifts. Buy extra unisex and store them away, you can always give them for a later occasion. Trust me!

Child is afraid of their gifts. I’m afraid more kids haven’t ran from Elmo!


Wrong present to wrong person. Well that just bites! I really hope Uncle Fred can’t use those panty hose!

Make sure the christmas tree fits in the car/truck and your house!

I swear there are people in my family that would do this on purpose!

Repo man in a Santa suit or not just spoils the season!

Here’s your divorce papers! Won’t see you next year!

Keep your clothes on at the office party…it never turns out well!