Slow it down, there are children present

Feed Me Seymour – Blood eating plants? Where do I sign up. I know a few people I’d feed to him. Alright he would be able to out survive a nuclear holocaust off my list.

Jeepers Creepers – If you didn’t see the movie it’s worth a good frightnight just for the song.

Down with the Sickness…Yes I love the Disturbed version but we are slowing down.

This is Halloween- can’t have Halloween without Tim Burton


Don’t Fall Asleep

How can you have Halloween without Freddy and the striped sweater. I saw this movie when I was far to young and didn’t dream for a month.

Dokken – Dream Warriors

Nightmare on My Street

One Two

For those who didn’t know they are remaking the first one…not sure I like that thought. No Robert Englund.

Werewolfs, Werewolfs Everywhere

Lycan overload.

Werewolfs in London


Bad Moon Rising

Hungry Like the Wolf

Women are not Witches

Women are not witches. We do not cast spells upon men to do our bidding.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

But it does make for some great music. Two sets for this 13 days of Halloween to be exact.

Black Magic Woman

Evil Ways

Eagles – Witchy Woman

Snapping Good Times

Adams Family

The Munsters

Twilight Zone

All the way to the Grave

Pet Semetary

Cemetery Gates

Dark side of Rock

Love You to Death – Love his voice!

Christian Woman

Ozzy Bark at the Moon


Everything I had left that didn’t quite fit else where. And yes I want to do them now.


Highway to Hell

Back in Black

Blue Oyster Cult

Bat out of Hell

Cry Little Sister (the Lost Boys)

The Doors – People are Strange

Movies to make you Scream

Strike terror in those of us who…well actually know what the music goes to.

Never watch Jaws in a swimming pool at night. Too bad public swimming pools don’t do this anymore.

Alright this has to be the windows not the music.

Don’t eat pea soup.

Shave all childrens heads

Don’t own clowns (my hubby had this one til he saw the movie. don’t talk to the TV (I looked a little like her as a child) and stay off graveyards (duh?)

Alright add your own now cause there are too many to do just video clips from. lol

All Time Epic

Thriller – dead or not, this song and video have always been great.

Ghostbusters – Even my kid sings along

Time Warp – well partly. I couldn’t find a good recording otherwise.

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