Twenty-Five Days of Christmas – Remember when!

Favorites from when I was a kid! Just to get into the festive mood! Christmas should always be the time when everyone can still feel like a kid.


Twenty-Five Days of Christmas – Nice!

Open doors. Young, old, hands full or empty, women, men. It doesn’t matter, it just feels good for you and them!

Be very nice to the bell ringers!

Even if you don’t have the money this year to drop a few coins in, smile, nod, they are doing the job you don’t want to have.

Do not cringe at the horrible carolers, their heart is in the right place.

(Christmas card from

If you don’t have children, find a school or church and go watch a pageant. Then cheer louder than anyone else.

Just a few ideas. Now go be nice and earn those presents!

Twenty-Five Days of Christmas – Naughty or…

I don’t need Santa’s list to know who’s been naughty this year. Mostly everyone has, at least once or twice. Enjoy the naughty side of Christmas…starting with my mother’s favorite!

Bad Daddy!

Bad kids!

Oh no, not Santa too!

Twenty-Five Days of Christmas – 12 Days of Christmas

I don’t know about you but I don’t want any of that. Alright I’d take the five golden rings, my luck they’d be fake and turn green. I wouldn’t mind…
My good child more than the one that gets in trouble
A husband that cleans after himself
Yes I’m dreaming.

So my list, minus a private island…

I would love to make dinner in these. I have a great Sheppard’s Pie recipe

I’m not a huge coffee drinker by my 10 year old tea maker is no longer working nor are my non-travel mug!


How about a nice simple new bed? Queen size please! With no bed bugs, thank you!

I new computer or laptop, mines starting to make funny noises!

Think I’ll stop on that note. lol

Twenty-Five Days of Christmas-Hostess

I’m not talking cupcakes, Twinkies and other fatting little treats. I’m talking about those wonderful people who open their homes to others through the year and especially the holidays. These special people who deserve something special from you.



Wine! $10-$100

Candles $2-$50

House Plants $5-$50

Book-Cookbooks $5-$40

Gourmet Coffees and Teas $5-$50

Angelina's Tea Shoppe


Twenty-Five Days of Christmas-Don’t Forget the Dressing

Christmas morning expect to see people in their pajamas. Forget the cute outfits and making your children wait to open those presents. It’s bad enough they have to wait for Mom and Dad to wake up, probably with a little coffee action, and remember how to run the camera.

Personalized <em>Family Pajamas</em>A Very Merry Mommy Snowman Long <em>Pajamas</em>Red Flannel Footed <em>Pajamas</em> – Plaid Cotton Adult PjsThe Grinch <em>Christmas</em> Footed <em>Pajamas</em> for Infant and Toddler Boys

For Christmas Eve and the other parties through the season I expect festive colors. There should be reds and greens, golds and silvers, soft blues and whites. Occasional antlers, santa hats(I’ll be in mine) and elf shoes are also a must. Even your little tikes can get involved in the holiday spirit by dressing up.

Image 1Le Top Snowflake Winter DressBt Kids <em>Little</em> Boys Ivory Cable Knit <em>Christmas</em> Sweater <em>Outfit</em> 4-7New, <em>Boy's Christmas Outfit</em>,deep Red/black, Sz:24 Mo

Then there are the big kids. Us grown up that revert to our childhood selves the moment we see wrapping paper or hear those sleigh bells ringing. While it’s not always right, I’d wear my santa hat every day all day…instead I have to wear regular cloths. Then there are those moments when it’s just you and your special one…then you can wear whatever you want!

Too bad I don’t look that good in anything like that! Alright guys stop drooling!

Girls turn

<em>Sexy</em> Mr. Santa Costume (Men's Adult Regular Size) Candy Cane <em>Men's Christmas</em> Underwear G-String

Is that a candy cane or are you just happy to see me?

I could have done pages of the sexy women…what happened to equality?

<em>Sexy</em> Male Xmas Cane Thong by veronique IntimatesIntimo Santa's Elf <em>Men's</em> Boxer, <em>Christmas</em> Gift, $35

Twenty-Five Days of Christmas – It Could Always be Worse

While God can make a burning bush, fire and Christmas trees are just bad!

Animals+ christmas tree= really bad

Reuters: Fireman

Remember to turn on the oven. Food can’t cook without that important step!

Food poisoning isn’t a good idea, no matter how much you hate your family. 

Not enough gifts. Buy extra unisex and store them away, you can always give them for a later occasion. Trust me!

Child is afraid of their gifts. I’m afraid more kids haven’t ran from Elmo!


Wrong present to wrong person. Well that just bites! I really hope Uncle Fred can’t use those panty hose!

Make sure the christmas tree fits in the car/truck and your house!

I swear there are people in my family that would do this on purpose!

Repo man in a Santa suit or not just spoils the season!

Here’s your divorce papers! Won’t see you next year!

Keep your clothes on at the office party…it never turns out well!

Twenty-Five Days of Christmas – Dealing with “Those People”

Norman Rockwell must have had a great family to spend the holidays with to create such beautiful images of the world. For the rest of us…

They are your family. You didn’t get to choose who they would be…love them anyway! (mine!)

Families are like fudge – mostly sweet with a few nuts. Author Unknown

Just remember: Next year you could be the fat one! (mine)

Smile, tell them you love it, then send it to Goodwill.

Friends are God’s apology for relations.  ~Hugh Kingsmill

I don’t have to look up my family tree, because I know that I’m the sap.  ~Fred Allen

Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts. – Janice Maeditere

It could be worse! You could be at the in-laws!

It could be worse, you could be an orphan. Somewhere there’s a kid that doesn’t want to be an only child.

Someone traveled to be with these people.

So to get through the holidays:

Keep an upbeat attitude no matter how much the little ones scream, cry or run a muck. It’s only a couple of days a year. Next year will be different: child will grow up, the grown ups will get older, anyone could be gone from us at anytime.

Live like there is no tomorrow, laugh, dance and sing like no one is watching, love like your heart will never break.

Twenty-Five Days of Christmas – Don’t you dare give him that!

Don’t give my son a noisy toy then send him home. I’m telling you now, forget that Santa’s watching…Mommy is. That toy will be only to play with at your house. I don’t care how popular it is. I see no way anything that noise could help motor functions, unless you consider covering your ears developmental. Yes I want him to be musically inclined but if it makes the same racket as banging on the pots and pans…he’s already got that covered.

I do not want anything that has the possibility of screaming, cackling, popping, whirling, whizzing at three A.M until I break down and retrieve it from the child’s bed. If this happens, expect a phone call every time my sleep is disturbed.

Do not give my child anything living. Either it won’t be alive for long or it will be lost in my house. Again,  if the lost, living thing wakes me. I wake you!

Do not give him anything sticky. If I must retrieve a toy from the ceiling, wall, cat’s fur, then it is not appropriate. If I must use a spatula, cleaning solution, or vacuum it does not belong to my child.

Do not give him something to torment, tie up, maim or eventually kill the cat with. If there is even a possiblity of these actions, and do remember this is my son we are speaking of, then do not do it.

My darling nieces, and little girl cousins whom I love so dearly…I may not live with them but do not give them slutty dolls. Skimpy outfits and breasts larger than mine are not good roll models.

Do not give them makeup. The cat, gerbil, and dogs will not look good running around with pink toe nails, blue eye shadow and ruby red lips.

Twenty-Five Days of Christmas – Stuff it!

Christmas is about stuff. We stuff ourselves, then try to stuff ourselves into those pants we could swear we wore in November. We stuff the stuff we bought into bags, boxes, and wrapping paper. We stuff our pockets with receipts and sometimes spare change. We stuff our credit cards so full that not another thing could be added.

We also stuff stockings.


In my house we do a lifesaver book, pez, orange and apple every year. Normally some candy that the boy hardly ever eats, yes he’s an odd one. A few little toys(which adds up over a childhood); bouncy balls, paddle balls, slime, whistles, stickers, gum, dominoes, fuzzy socks, hat, gloves, a wallet (money not included) erasers, pencils, pens, crayolas, markers, paints, animal crackers, temporary tatoos, funny straws, toothbrush, matchbox cars, army men, chapstick, dinosaurs, magnets, mini game boards, sillybandz, key chains, radios, bubbles, bookmarks, flashlight, coal shaped candy (I laughed, kid didn’t)…

K I’m tired of listing. Try here. It’s actually giving me ideas for this year!

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