The Last Days

Posted On December 27, 2010

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There are only a few days left to register for free books. Not just one, not even two, but a full year. Must register before 1/1/11!


So where did I go?

I went to Winston-Salem.
By no means was this my first move, not even my first big move. I lived in the Kansas City metro for the first 24 years of my life, moving around, then moved to Mississippi.
Mississippi was hot! Very Hot. Buggy, muggy and sunny. I did so love the beach but I couldn’t swim in that water.
When I got to Winston there was snow on the ground, real white, fluffy kind of stuff that is cold to the touch. I didn’t realize I missed snow. I missed my thick leather coat with the hood and matching boots. Oh yeah, I kept those all that time. My darling son had a snow ball fight with his cousins, until their fingers turned pink.
Then spring fluttered in…when spring is supposed to come, not in February. Slowly trees came to life, flowers stuck their heads out of the frozen ground, and birds began to chirp. Of course, not too happy with the early birds but it was still a long missed moment.
And everyone warned me of the humidity. I laughed. They said it would be coming. I laughed. They started to complain…I laughed. I have yet to walk out and instantly be drenched.
Here comes fall. I knew it was on it’s way. A few weeks ago I stepped out of my townhouse and breathed in. That’s all it took. A quick breath of the earthy smell and crisper air that signal fall. I basked in the moment. I sang on my way to work with that giddy little girl voice I don’t let anyone else listen to. I bounced up and down telling my sister it was coming. For the first time in seven years I could truly enjoy fall.
Today it’s ninety but it’s still out there. That crisper air with a cool breeze. That earthy fragrance that wafts in off the Appellations and out of the ground below those now shrinking blooms. Soon winter will come with a little snow and the circle will complete.  Four full seasons is such a miracle to see.

Right as Rain

Posted On September 16, 2010

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A few months ago I had the great privilege to speak in front of a group at the Shepherds Center. Alright, I don’t like public speaking and will fully blame my publisher for setting me up months before. I agonized for weeks over what I would talk about. I wondered if I should do it as just Suzette or if I should do it as myself and my writer name…much like my darling sister in the article before this.

Should I talk about the two books I have out, the one that will be coming soon, the one that I finished after, short stories, or all the other concepts I have working around. After a few of the ladies stopped into Barnhill’s Book Store and were looking at the short stories Second Wind has put out, I decided on short stories.

Then my dear mother called me Sunday asking me how to write a short story. She made a promise that she would write one and had no idea how to go about it. So I sent her my notes for my talk the following Tuesday. She was very excited that I’d already had it ready.

The folks at the Shepard’s center were very kind and other than the normal nerves that get to me, I did well, at least in my own mind. Well enough that one of the women said she’d love to know the next time I have an event so she could bring her grand daughter to me for inspiration.

Now if I can turn that faith in me into another finished book I’ll be right as rain.

Suzette Vaughn is the author of, Badeaux Knights, Mortals, Gods, and a Muse, and (Coming Soon) Finding Madelyn

Top 10 Games

At the end of every year they start the top of the year, of course we are about to turn over 2010 so it’s also of the decade. One so far caught my attention. Top 10 Games of the decade. I knew just from the name that I’d see a few things I own. For those who don’t know I love games. I blame this on my parents playing everything with us when we grew up from poker to Atari.

So before I opened the list I started mine.

WoW (World of Warcraft) which is one of my addictions

Guitar Hero Yeah I do that one too, music and games right up my alley.

Wii…Pick one I said fitness. I own it, just need to use it.

Halo Very fun after a few drinks, especially if you haven’t had a drink in years.

So I named four…then looked at the list. I own all but Half-Life, hadn’t even heard of it, hubby says he owns some of the old, old ones. Most of them I own more than one version of. Halo we have two or three. Same with the Sims. Have both Wii Sports and Fitness. Like three of the Guitar Heros. And due to having a kid, Mario Galaxy. How many GTA’s are there anyway…don’t answer that I probably have them all. Bejeweled is the only one that I only play the free ones online.

The only thing in my opinion that’s missing is poker, but again that’s online so the list has to do. Anything you see missing?


Posted On December 26, 2009

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Well worth the three hours sitting in the theater. The movie ended and the first thing my son says, “I have to go potty, I just didn’t want to miss any of the movie.”

Merry Christmas

Posted On December 24, 2009

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Alright, I’m a day early but I’ve been busy working on book number 3 and 4 and afraid that tomorrow I won’t get a chance.

Free, everyone likes free

Posted On December 11, 2009

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Happy Holidays
Second Wind has free short stories out to help with the holiday humdrum.

I’ve been busy, but

Posted On November 12, 2009

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I can show you what I’ve been working on over here.

I will be making my rounds shortly to respond and return in the next few days. Just have to push the book to an editor first.

What Halloween is all about

You can preach to me about the pagan aspects of Halloween. You can do like one of my aunts and not allow you children to participate because of it. But the excitement my son gets from dressing up and going out is worth it. And what does he cheer all week long…

I Want Candy – Not Bow Wow Wow but a Spice Girl

Trick or Treat – Fastway

And I don’t care who you are, scaring the bejeebous out of everyone you can.  Feel sorry for my husband since I don’t have the heart to scare the kid.

Halloween – Helloween

WoW it’s Halloween

Voodoo queens, witch doctors, and creepy old men all – to the cartoon styling of WoW (World of the Warcraft) which I miss playing. After I made the list for today, I went searching for the music to go with it and couldn’t resist when I found two in a row that were WoW.

Wolly Swamp

Maria Laveau…I’m close enough to Louisiana to not piss off the voodoo spirits.

I Put a Spell on You

Witch Doctor

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