So where did I go?

I went to Winston-Salem.
By no means was this my first move, not even my first big move. I lived in the Kansas City metro for the first 24 years of my life, moving around, then moved to Mississippi.
Mississippi was hot! Very Hot. Buggy, muggy and sunny. I did so love the beach but I couldn’t swim in that water.
When I got to Winston there was snow on the ground, real white, fluffy kind of stuff that is cold to the touch. I didn’t realize I missed snow. I missed my thick leather coat with the hood and matching boots. Oh yeah, I kept those all that time. My darling son had a snow ball fight with his cousins, until their fingers turned pink.
Then spring fluttered in…when spring is supposed to come, not in February. Slowly trees came to life, flowers stuck their heads out of the frozen ground, and birds began to chirp. Of course, not too happy with the early birds but it was still a long missed moment.
And everyone warned me of the humidity. I laughed. They said it would be coming. I laughed. They started to complain…I laughed. I have yet to walk out and instantly be drenched.
Here comes fall. I knew it was on it’s way. A few weeks ago I stepped out of my townhouse and breathed in. That’s all it took. A quick breath of the earthy smell and crisper air that signal fall. I basked in the moment. I sang on my way to work with that giddy little girl voice I don’t let anyone else listen to. I bounced up and down telling my sister it was coming. For the first time in seven years I could truly enjoy fall.
Today it’s ninety but it’s still out there. That crisper air with a cool breeze. That earthy fragrance that wafts in off the Appellations and out of the ground below those now shrinking blooms. Soon winter will come with a little snow and the circle will complete.  Four full seasons is such a miracle to see.



I saw this and had to share. It’s a clip from Popular Science on the Orgasmatron. And yes it works as well for the guys.

(I couldn’t figure out how to imbed it 😦 )

A doctor inserts the electrode into your spine…problem number one:

Dying while having sex is a great way to go I don’t think I’d like to be a paraplegic because they messed up and hit a nerve. For heaven’s sake they made me sign a waiver when I got an epidural while giving birth. Add that to the fact that I’m a touchy feely person and this is so no go for me.

Next part. Remote activation, ten years or sooner. I remember garage door openers that would open the wrong door, they also did this with remote door locks for cars. So my over-active imagination sees some wonderful spouse push the button, the person sitting next to the spouse moaning and now they’ve committed cybor-adultery without even meaning to.

The Black Widow in my window

Posted On September 18, 2009

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I have lots of windows in my house. I love windows. Sunlight or rain I enjoy the open feeling. I even enjoy it at night watching my lizards run around eating the bugs attracted by the light. Some times they even go after each other, fighting over the bugs. It’s alright though their the kind that their tails grow back after a good fight.

So one day I’m watching the lizards do what they do and notice a beautiful spider in my window. I don’t mind spiders…as long as they are outside. I live in Mississippi, we have mosiquitoes and the spiders eat the bugs. To me it’s a great example of a life cycle at work.

So I’m watching this beautiful little spider grow for a few weeks. Then for the first time she turned and showed me her tummy. I looked closer. Then called in my husband who is more afraid of spiders than I am. But he’s one of the few people I know that have seen a black widow first hand.

He’s looking at my spider. Then googling because while the spider has a red mark on her stomach it didn’t look like the normal hourglass.

Since then we’ve determined she really is a black widow. She’s grown to look like a normal widow.

A large bottle of bug spray with a long range and she’s not worrying me anymore. And she’s going to be a show and tell at my son’s school as soon as I get her out of the window.

Why we declaw cats

Posted On September 14, 2009

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I love my cat. He’s a beautiful, loving, playful friend.

My kitty. Neko

My kitty. Neko

His favorite activity is trying to attack the bugs and lizards that frequent my windows.



The problem with that. Is I have a window over my bed. Normally he looks out the window without attacking things on it– with the few times he’s attacked he’s landed on the back of my head or the pillow next to me.

Last night he attacked the window and didn’t land on the pillow next to me.



And this is why I’m reconsidering having my kitten declawed.