About Suzette Vaughn

I am a thirty-something mother, wife, and author. Though sometimes those do not fall in that order. I moved to Winston-Salem NC and I’m loving it. My books still say Mississippi on them but that’s alright.

My first two books have been out for around two years. I have another coming soon, Finding Madelyn, and another that I’m still tweaking. They are all available from Second Wind Publishing. While the company might be small the books and the authors are not and we seem to grow everyday. It’s a very extended family that I’m happy to be a sister in. I’ve listed both brothers and sisters under my links, I’d love for you to visit them too.

I myself write Romance. Now don’t stop reading cause of that word. I chose Romance because I seem to have a problem sticking in any one genre. I have a paranormal and a suspense out with many others in my editing box waiting on those final touches. Add this to the fact that I’m addicted to Happily-Ever-After endings and you’ve got me in a nutshell.

So I hope to use this site for gains and pains and of course the occasional happy book announcements.

Leave a response and help improve reader response. All your responses matter, so say whatever you want. But please refrain from spamming and shameless plugs, as well as excessive use of vulgar language.

One Response to “About Suzette Vaughn”

  1. suzettevaughn

    Thanks Ollie(yes that ms is on purpose). When I changed the color of theme I missed this page for changing the text color.

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