Twenty-Five Days of Christmas – Last Minute Shopping

Shame on you. Leaving Uncle Bob to the last minute. Yes – I understand he’s hard to buy for. He owns everything or wants nothing more. Children are easy. Give them a toy, they are excited. Buy them clothes and you are ignored until sometime after New Years when the toys are broken and they are thankful for the warm sweatshirt for standing at the bus stop.

My darling mother did all her shopping last minute. Her schedule in those last years of growing up didn’t allow for early shopping. While she did pick up a few things over the months before Christmas she was never done until the night before. I ended up with a TV that way back when a TV was a big deal.

These days you can even find some good deals at the last minute but if you think of one second that you are finding that popular toy, you must be out of your mind.


That doesn’t mean you can’t get some great last minute gifts, like the TV that I was told I wasn’t getting. You also don’t have to worry about hiding the present. Just leave it in the car and make them go find it. SCAVENGER HUNT! Oh that’s supposed to be eggs, and a completely different holiday.

Good luck and happy hunting!


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