Twenty-five Days of Christmas – Mommy I got a tummy ache!

Cookies, cakes, candies, crisps, cobblers, custard, creme, crumpets–Christmas–cavity, chest pains, cholesterol, coronary, coma.

There no doubt that all of that go hand in hand, forget all the C’s there is just something about the holidays that make us want to eat. Then add the compulsive eating because your cousin looks like she’s never had a child while holding her third at only two months old. (hate her!) And don’t hit the bar to wash away the memory of Great-Aunt Edna’s 97 year old boyfriend grabbing your behind. Chocolate will not stop your dad from dancing after one too many spiked cocoa’s.

Calories! Turkey(fried and baked), ham, game hen, rabbit, and deer. Stuffing, candied yams, banana salad, corn salad, spinach, green bean casserole, cranberry in every form–there’s another 5 lbs– Yams, and potatoes, oh no! Sweet, mashed, au gratin, scalloped, baked, even fried! Rolls, cornbread, hush puppies, –carbs– not on Christmas right? Mac and cheese, pasta salad, frog eye salad (yummy)–oh my tummy!

Brownies, pumpkin cheesecake, pecan and pumpkin pie. Apple tarts, apple crisps and brown betty. Figgy pudding, banana pudding, bread pudding. Bundt cakes, coffee cake and  banana nut bread. Oh MY!

New years resolutions…one week away!


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