Twenty-Five Days of Christmas – Home Alone!

I blame my son.

No I haven’t left him “Home Alone” and hope this year we don’t see yet another story of bad parenting.

I blame him because every year he watches the entire series as often as possible. From the screaming Macaulay Culkin to the mother just who’s just happy he survived a few days alone. The slap-stick comedy between of course is what makes him watching and laugh until his sides hurt. At least they do have a good message after all the silliness is over.

Then there’s the darling husband.

His Christmas movie is Christmas Story. Which now has my son walking around with his hands stuck out to the side “I can’t move!”. Classic American cinema there. Of course, I don’t blame the mother for breaking that lamp either, burn the Playboys while you’re at it.

Swan On Lake

Now if you are spending the Holiday’s alone or no someone else who is-fix it. In my younger days when I couldn’t travel to see family and I had friends who were estranged from theirs, we had our own celebration. We didn’t exchange gifts back then, just a little too broke, but we got together, watched classic Christmas movies and had a big feast with nothing but the spirit of Christmas in mind.

So here is to you and yours, and those that can’t be with the ones they love.

Merry Christmas from my family and may ever day be a blessing upon you.


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