Twenty-Five Days of Christmas – There’s no place like home…

No I’m not having a Dorothy moment. I really don’t like traveling during the holidays. Other than going through the airports with a huge teddy bear handing out the back of my backpack  for a nephew, or two (Thanks Grandma!).
A little help coping this year?

Give yourself time.

Don’t run around like a chicken with your head cut off. Really it’s not pretty. You know when you have to leave, you know everything that has to be packed. Do it early.

Entertain everyone.

Yes I received more smiles than you’d believe with the teddy bear(s), but don’t forget games, music, and books for your travel time. Specially with children.

I’ll add to this that if you are in a good mood  you will rub off on those around you. Take the silly reindeer antlers. Wear the flashing button. Wish every person you see Seasons Greetings, Merry Christmas, etc. Do just like the airline attendants just go through the list.

Offer a hand

I did this else where for my Christmas blogging but it stands true day to day. See the poor ragged mother trying to balance the kid, car seat, stroller…offer a hand and a smile. Grab the bag for the guy standing behind you instead of him squeezing in. Wash the windshield of the elderly couple getting gas at the next pump.


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