Twenty-Five Days of Christmas – It Could Always be Worse

While God can make a burning bush, fire and Christmas trees are just bad!

Animals+ christmas tree= really bad

Reuters: Fireman

Remember to turn on the oven. Food can’t cook without that important step!

Food poisoning isn’t a good idea, no matter how much you hate your family. 

Not enough gifts. Buy extra unisex and store them away, you can always give them for a later occasion. Trust me!

Child is afraid of their gifts. I’m afraid more kids haven’t ran from Elmo!


Wrong present to wrong person. Well that just bites! I really hope Uncle Fred can’t use those panty hose!

Make sure the christmas tree fits in the car/truck and your house!

I swear there are people in my family that would do this on purpose!

Repo man in a Santa suit or not just spoils the season!

Here’s your divorce papers! Won’t see you next year!

Keep your clothes on at the office party…it never turns out well!


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