Right as Rain

Posted On September 16, 2010

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A few months ago I had the great privilege to speak in front of a group at the Shepherds Center. Alright, I don’t like public speaking and will fully blame my publisher for setting me up months before. I agonized for weeks over what I would talk about. I wondered if I should do it as just Suzette or if I should do it as myself and my writer name…much like my darling sister in the article before this.

Should I talk about the two books I have out, the one that will be coming soon, the one that I finished after, short stories, or all the other concepts I have working around. After a few of the ladies stopped into Barnhill’s Book Store and were looking at the short stories Second Wind has put out, I decided on short stories.

Then my dear mother called me Sunday asking me how to write a short story. She made a promise that she would write one and had no idea how to go about it. So I sent her my notes for my talk the following Tuesday. She was very excited that I’d already had it ready.

The folks at the Shepard’s center were very kind and other than the normal nerves that get to me, I did well, at least in my own mind. Well enough that one of the women said she’d love to know the next time I have an event so she could bring her grand daughter to me for inspiration.

Now if I can turn that faith in me into another finished book I’ll be right as rain.

Suzette Vaughn is the author of, Badeaux Knights, Mortals, Gods, and a Muse, and (Coming Soon) Finding Madelyn


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