A week in Music

At least one a day for the next week pertaining to that day.


6 Responses to “A week in Music”

  1. bearmancartoons

    What about U2’s Bloody Sunday or do we just want upbeat songs.

  2. suzettevaughn

    Actually I have a few set up for next Sunday. All these are “week” long songs. I have two set for next Sunday and u2 is there. 😀

  3. Claire Collins

    I want to know what’s going to be on Wednesday?

  4. Scott Oglesby

    A fine selection indeed! I’m curious about what you’ll do for Thursday since I can’t think of too many songs about Thursday. This was a great idea!!

    • suzettevaughn

      Thursday and Wednesday were the issues but I did alright…I think. lol

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