She’s my sister no matter who she looks like!

Claire Collins and Molly Ringwald

So that is Claire Collins (my darling sister) and Molly Ringwald (no relation). It doesn’t matter how many pictures we compare or how much Ms Ringwald spends on professional photographers, make-up and hair stylists – still she looks more like my sister than I do.

No one ever says I look like anyone – including siblings. Do you look like someone famous?

To make matters funnier – Molly Ringwald also went by the name Claire once. So I bring you a great movie with essence de-Claire.


(to Bender)

What’s your name?


What’s yours?






Claire…it’s a family name!


Nooo…It’s a fat girl’s name!


Well thank you…


You’re welcome…


I’m not fat!


Well not at present but I could see

you really pushing maximum density!

You see, I’m not sure if you know

this…but there are two kinds of

fat people.  There’s fat people that

were born to be fat, and then there’s

fat people that were once thin but

they became fat…so when you look

at them you can sorta see that thin

person inside!  You see, you’re

gonna get married, you’re gonna

squeeze out a few puppies and then,


He mimes becoming fat, making noises.

Claire gives him the finger.


Oh…obscene finger gestures from

such a pristine girl!



I’m not that pristine!

Molly Ringwald (Claire) Judd Nelson (Bender)

Molly with red back
Molly and Judd
Breakfast Club script ( No I didn’t do it from memory)

35 Responses to “She’s my sister no matter who she looks like!”

  1. Claire Collins

    You kinda look like me. People figure out we are sisters when we’re together.

  2. Capitalist Lion Tamer

    You know what’s odd, you never see Claire and Ms. Ringwald in the same room. Except that one time, in detention. But never again after that.

    But one way or another, no matter how this plays out, we can be sure of one thing: Claire is not that pristine. And somewhat resentful. Also, she throws a mean finger.

    So, actually, we can be sure of several things. Which is better than most days.

    Completely off subject, but when I see Bender I always think of this guy:

    • suzettevaughn

      Is it sad that I think of that guy too. I would say great minds but I’m a little icked out. (not icked isn’t a real word but as an author I reserve all rights to make up words as I see fit.)

      • Claire Collins

        I’m cracking up. That was the first Bender I thought of too and then I was trying to figure out who Claire was in the Futurama cartoons.

        And you forgot that I swing a mean scotch bottle too, CLT

  3. Gryphon

    Dialogue from “The Breakfast Club.” I’ve seen Ringwold not too long ago in something–I think it was “Desperate Housewives,” but not sure. She got more plump.

    I think you look great regardless of who else you might resemble. The sunglasses give you a bohemian air.

    • suzettevaughn

      I thought she was in that American Teen show. I don’t get to watch much TV these days. lol.

      My eyes are sensitive to the sun, during that photo session I kept squinting so we tried the glasses, but I ended up with something completely different for my book cover – and a different color hair.

      • Gryphon

        yeah, I think that’s it. Family channel or Hallmark or something . . .

        I only watch under duress or to see M*A*S*H

  4. Dave Hambidge

    So who’s the lass on your blog piccy then Claire?

    Ducks and runs very very fast.

    • suzettevaughn

      Claire looks very nice in her blog picture. (yeah I’m kissing up. I’m sure I’ll need her to do something for me soon)

    • Gryphon

      Did someone say “ducks?” I likes ducks.

      • suzettevaughn

        Not approved for the young – just the immature.
        But I remind you I didn’t start the Duck conversation. Nope not me.

      • suzettevaughn

        I think, in the ten seconds it took for me to fix my link, you read and thought I was calling you immature. Nope I was referring to myself. 😀

  5. Donald Mills

    I’ve been told I look like a young Herbert Hoover.

    Your sister may look like Molly Ringwald but I’ve always thought of her as more of an “Ally Sheedy” type personality.

    • Claire Collins

      Don, I’m sending the boys over to visit you. Is comparing me to Ally Sheedy a compliment? The boys want to know.

      • Donald Mills

        I like to think so.

      • Claire Collins

        I’ll be sending the boys over to mow your yard, weed the flower beds, repair the crack in the corner of the driveway, and paint the shutters, Sir.

      • Gryphon

        Ally is MUCH hotter than Molly

  6. Claire Collins

    Dave, Are you saying that my pictures don’t look alike? That’s funny since they’re both me!

    • Dave Hambidge

      I was risking a male comment about how ladies can change their appearance quite markedly with hair style, makeup, pouts (damn where did that come from) etc.

      Us bald old wrinkly males make do with poking out tongues out!

      PS Don’t go to your blog, I made a slight error, again…

      • suzettevaughn

        I’ve been a blonde, red-head, raven haired with red stripes, blonde with strawberry stripes, and pretty much everything in between. It’s lots of fun, buy wigs and try it out. Or just paint your head, that would result in some interesting looks.

      • Claire Collins

        I think I always look the same. Except first thing in the morning. It’s advisable to not look directly at me then. And where did that pout come from Dave? I can just see you in a wig…

  7. Dave Hambidge

    Male wigs, sirrops, hell NO.

    Painted head has potential, after I’ve boiled it?

    • Claire Collins

      What the hell’s a sirrop? I suggest you not boil your head. You aren’t an easter egg. But painting it would be interesting. Send pictures.

      • suzettevaughn

        I’d like to suggest a nice Pink with blue leopard spots.

  8. frigginloon

    Claire told me I had to come over to your blog and make fun of you. Yes, she did. She said “Friggin Loon get your big fat blooger’s butt over to my sister’s blog, the one that doesn’t look like me or my family, and wreak havoc.

    • suzettevaughn

      Welcome again friggingloon. Chaos and Havoc are welcome and frequent visitors to me.

      • frigginloon

        Ah I bet you say that to all the loons 🙂 . Hey Bearman, I can see your bald spot from here !!!!!

  9. bearmancartoons

    Some respect Claire. Your sister doesn’t even list your first on her blog roll. And Suzette I don’t want to hear anything about it does it alphabetically.

    • suzettevaughn

      Yeah, alphabetical that’s it. Now shh before you get me in trouble 😉

    • Claire Collins

      CLT is always on top of me. For that matter, She isn’t at the top of mine either. Actually, Bear, you are near the top and she’s down at the bottom.

  10. Gryphon

    I love that duck orgasm thing. I first downloaded it as a .wav probably near 10 years ago. The audio file I had was much longer and being just audio I didn’t get to look at Donald while listening. Thanks, Suzette

  11. Ramblin' Rooster

    That’s funny.

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