I’m in love – virtually

Posted On September 29, 2009

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I rarely get a computer program when it comes out. For heavens sake I’m still use Photoshop 3.0.  So I just upgraded my Office 2003 to 2007. At first anytime I change a program am very used to I worry. I have to go through and relearn everything I knew.  In doing that this time…I fell in love.

Yes, feel sorry for the darling husband that has just been bumped down on my list of hearts for a computer program. But unlike him this thing makes life easier.

I can format as much as I need in a few buttons. Headers and Footers are no longer coded for the hard stuff.  Spell check and grammar check are officially as smart as I am….alright maybe smarter. And that’s just Word.

I’ve trashed my posted notes and I’m using One Note – which is making meetings easier and emails too. I take notes for a day then I can send off one email instead of seven. I’m using it for future book titles, concepts and funny lines that I think of. I used to have to use a word document or the very losable post-it notes for these – now they are all together and omg easy to find and read. (I have horrid hand-writting)

I’m also using One Note for copying from emails, and web pages so I don’t have to find the info twice. And ultra easy screen shots. Even better I don’t have to say the document and then remember what in the world I saved it under.

Then Publisher will save huge amounts of time on shipping labels, newsletters, flyers, birthday cards and invitations. The week before I got it, I spent about four hours making labels, I can now do it in 1/4 the time.

I even went to Microsoft and learned how to use Access. But I haven’t gotten familiar with Powerpoint or Excel. I still have no clue what InfoPath is.

It’s official – I’m in love with a computer program.


3 Responses to “I’m in love – virtually”

  1. Dave Hambidge

    Good grief, praise for Microsoft!

    I’ve just spent best part of 3 days installing Vista onto my wife’s tower computer, and also OpenOffice which beats Office into a tin hat IMHO.

    OO took just 15 minutes FFS!!!!!!

    dave in need of headache tablets.

  2. Claire Collins

    It’s good to know you’re having a virtual affair. I think people do it all the time, just not the way you’re doing it.

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