For Auction

Posted On September 25, 2009

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I remember going to auction as a child and listening to men who really could talk this fast and keep track of everyone’s bids. Today all we use is ebay – some good deals but not art in the form.  Of course, it is far easier not to accidentally buy something, like my darling sister did once.  But there is no going through the bottom of a box to find goodies.


8 Responses to “For Auction”

  1. Scott Oglesby

    I’ve never been to a live auction but that clip was entertaining! I do love me some ebay though. And since I do travel to London quite a bit I’d love to sit in on an auction Sotheby’s. I doubt anything would be in my price range though, unless they were selling antique ashtrays or something. Did you ship me that Jif yet?

  2. Gryphon

    You are right. Auctioneering is an art form. I go to car auctions sometimes and get to listen to the music of the auctioneer.

    • suzettevaughn

      I have a weakness for cars and haven’t been to a car auction in ages.

  3. nursemyra

    What did Claire accidentally buy?

  4. nursemyra

    oooh…. I love those trunks

  5. Claire Collins

    I loved auctions. Our mother was an antique dealer and we would spend Saturdays at some old farmhouse in the midwest looking through piles of someone’s treasures.

    Many times, my mother would need to be in two places at once, so she would take me to an auction and leave me there with her bidder number and a list of what to buy and what price to go to. Then she would leave and go to another auction. It usually worked out very well. I bought what I was told to buy and I usually got a screaming deal. Sometimes, they would pass my pricing but we would expect that. If you are in the business long enough, you learn what items are worth and which other auction goers will want the same items. Sometimes, we would bid up items we didn’t necessarily want, but that we weren’t going to let go for pennies either.

    So, my mother left me at an auction with a list and a number. I had bid on several things and bought several things and every thing was fine. A black sideboard came up for sale and it was easily worth several hundred dollars at the time. I bid $200 on it and all of the other three bidders dropped out. So I bought the sideboard. It wasn’t on the list. It looked similar to this: It’s made for a dining room to put serving dishes on, similar to a buffet table except a buffet table is longer and thinner.

    I paid for it out of my savings and my mother and I put it in an antique shop in Liberty, MO. It sat for 6 months. No one wanted to buy it because it was very large and very dark. Mom and I thought we could refinish it but it was too heavy to move out, transport home, and move back, so we refinished it in the store after closing.
    The black wouldnt come off.
    The wood itself was black and there was a clear laquer over it so no matter how hard we scrubbed, we couldn’t get the finish off. The side board sold a year later for $50 over what I paid for it.

    I miss auctions.

  6. suzettevaughn

    See I was wrong after all on what she bought of course I was probably eight or so when that happened.
    My favorite was a table I bought in pieces – literally pieces at a garage sale (another lost art). It was a stack of wood but I knew what it was because it had square nails so I bought a that stack for one dollar. I took it home and put it back together. My father said I’d never sale it. I refinished it and sold it for $25.
    And people wonder where I get the attitude – tell me I can’t do something- yeah right.

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