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Posted On September 23, 2009

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My son is a difficult child. That is to say he spends a lot of time in trouble. As he is growing up it happens fewer and farther between. But after a while a punishment wears off. Taking away the tv, video games, or random toys gets old and he stops caring.

Last year near the end of school he was told to clean up his room- A constant fight in my house.  After a few weeks of him sitting in his room making a bigger mess it was more than clear that he didn’t want to clean it. And other than physically standing over him, watching as each toy was picked up it wasn’t about to happen.

So I took away his room. This made an impact. The next day he was so upset that he shared with his teachers why he was a better child than normal. I recieved applause from both of them when I picked him up from school.

One of his teacher has four children- ranging from 2 to 19. She said that she’d threatened more than once to do something that extreme but never followed through. It’s just too hard to enforce.

So my darling son spent time sleeping on the couch with all his toys in boxes. The only time he was allowed in his room was to change cloths. It worked well and he hasn’t been grounded in months.


3 Responses to “Creative Parenting”

  1. Ahmnodt Heare

    My mother took me shopping with her when I was 5. She kept telling me not to grab anything off of shelves or she wouldn’t take me shopping any more. I grabbed a box of Corn Pops. The next time we went shopping together was when I drove her to the store a couple years ago.

  2. suzettevaughn

    Oh my, I do like that one Ahmnodt.
    That is a parent standing behind what they say. Unfortantly that is one I wouldn’t be able to stand by. My son is mostly well behaved in public and very social. When I bought bug spray at my local hardware store to kill the spider in the window…every person in the store knew why we were there.

  3. Dave Hambidge

    Tough love!

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