Why we declaw cats

Posted On September 14, 2009

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I love my cat. He’s a beautiful, loving, playful friend.

My kitty. Neko

My kitty. Neko

His favorite activity is trying to attack the bugs and lizards that frequent my windows.



The problem with that. Is I have a window over my bed. Normally he looks out the window without attacking things on it– with the few times he’s attacked he’s landed on the back of my head or the pillow next to me.

Last night he attacked the window and didn’t land on the pillow next to me.



And this is why I’m reconsidering having my kitten declawed.


9 Responses to “Why we declaw cats”

  1. Claire Collins

    Kill a kitty. Good thing your eyes were closed at the time.

  2. suzettevaughn

    Can’t kill the kitty. My kid would cry.
    Very glad that my eye was closed until the claws actually penetrated skin. Even better that he didn’t land a little one way or another way.

  3. Barbara

    Suzette, please don’t consider declawing your cat because he miscalculated and fell back on you, it was obviously an accident and even though the scratches on your face look very sore they are nothing compared to 10 or 18 amputations, and the pain that your little cat would feel if you go ahead and have the ends of his toes amputated. A more humane solution would be to either move your bed and put him a table or chest of draws to use for his bug chasing activities or cover the window over with some stick on film to make it opaque. Declawing would be a life sentence for a “crime” he committed by accident.

  4. suzettevaughn

    My pretty kitty has his claws because I worry about him getting outside and not being able to defend himself. If it truly came down to myself, my husband or my son losing an eye…he’d be declawed.
    He’s broken about 5 dishes and glasses looking out the kitchen window too chasing the lizards.
    He’s already neutered with the id chip too in case he does get out. So I’d think that each of those were far less evasive than declawing.
    I do have an appreciation for your post and cause so the comment is up-and good luck.

  5. Michele S.

    I’m sorry about the scratches on your eye, though I’m sure you realise that your cat did that by accident and wasn’t intending to harm you. As a predator, it’s a cat’s natural instinct to want to chase small moving objects, so I think the suggestions made by Babz would be helpful in preventing similar accidents in the future. You could also consider not allowing him in your bedroom whilst you are sleeping . I am opposed to declawing (it’s banned here in the UK because it’s classed as a form of animal cruelty) so I do hope that you will reconsider and look for humane alternatives such as Softpaws.

    Your cat is a family member and loving friend, so please forgive him for this accident. I am sure he would forgive you if you trod on his tail or foot by accident.

    Hope your scratches are soon healed.

  6. Gryphon

    DON’T DO IT!

    I did it and it killed my cat. I had to use paper pellets litter after he came home and was healing and he rejected the litter, held his water, and got a blockage in his urethra. It caused kidney failure and he died.

    Additionally, it is similar to having the first joint of your fingers cut off. It is NOT like having your nails pulled out. It is amputation.

    please please please don’t do it.

    • suzettevaughn

      See I thought I remembered at one time hearing that declawing could hit a nerve in the cat’s toe and cause paralysis – which is another reason he has yet to be declawed.
      I’m lucky I’ve got a very easy going cat – lizards and bugs not included – I’ve changed his liter a few times, trying to find something that masks smells and isn’t outrageously priced and he has no problem with that.
      I did it a few times with his food too (keeping the old stuff on hand) until I found one that he loved.

  7. Michele S.

    When you use expressions such as “yet to be declawed” that saddens me greatly, as it makes me feel as though the decision is already made, it’s just a matter of when.

    Please, please do not risk your cat’s physical or mental welfare, just because you were scratched by accident. There are so many humane alternatives to declawing, that there really is no justification for amputating an integral part of the cat.

  8. Barbara

    This is one of many quotes I have collected, and this is why we DON’Tdeclaw cats
    “It isn’t declawing, it is amputation. It isn’t like pulling out finger nails, they actually cut bone. I used to be a vet tech in a facility that declawed and the BLOOD that seeped through the bandages when they were in the cages was gory and the cats were terrified and shaking like they were going to die of fear. I had to quit working there.
    Cats would come back to the clinic because they wouldn’t use the litter box anymore after their declaw. They wouldn’t use it because the cartilage that formed over the bone that was cut was painful to step on when they stepped in the litter. So, they got a declawed cat that wouldn’t use the litter box.

    Sometimes we had to REOPEN the paws where the bone had been cut because abscesses formed that began building up puss inside the paw and we would have to clean it out. One time we had to amputate an entire front leg because of it. It is a gross practice. The wound never really heals.”

    And this is another

    “I worked at a vet clinic for many years. There is a real reason why you have to leave your cat overnight after the declawing. It’s a horrible sight to see them when they wake up after the surgery. They sit on their back feet, holding their front paws off the ground and cry. After seeing it done (crunch crunch crunch) and seeing the recovery,I would never have it done, plus they learn to use their teeth and hind claws to make up for the loss of the front claws. “

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