Pink Heart Fund-Share Your Hair

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For years when I’ve donated my haircuts to organizations to make wigs for cancer patients. So this year I’d like to share with everyone one such lady that does it for absolutly free for cancer patients.
I am very loving of my hair but after a while too long is just too long. So ever since I can remember I’ve had it cut and mailed away.
Even if you do not have the hair to donate now please visit Joann’s beautiful site.

3 Responses to “Pink Heart Fund-Share Your Hair”

  1. JEC

    Wow! This is like so cool. JoAn is always making some one happy with her cool wigs. She loves to help cancer patients get a beautiful natural looking wig. She help my friend get a wig and it looks great. No one even knew she lost her hair.Keep up the good work that God has led you to do. You have a gift.

  2. Susie H

    The Pink Heart Fund is the best place to share your locks as it is given in love. Joan is the real deal and each of us can help this foundation bless others but especially children with a wig. Let’s give our locks or make a donation to help spread the word about the Pink Heart Foundation.
    Thanks, Susie

  3. Casey Potts

    Hi! My hairdresser gave me the name of this foundation. I am looking for the contact information for sending a hair donation. Please contact me at my e-mail or cell phone 734-417-0765! Thanks, Casey Potts

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